When you own a resort, sometimes you have to be a Referee of sorts and make judgment decisions which may not be well-liked. Dogs are certainly a topic in that area.  We love dogs, we see many awesome dogs every year and think they make great travel companions. We do however need to ask our guests to consider how your dogs are impacting others whom are also on vacation and also paying to be at Boreal Bay Lodge.

This is poorly written and overly blunt. When I look in the mirror, I know I have been guilty of things myself and I need to improve.

You have to be respectful if you want to be respected.

Much like with a child, when you own a pet. You are responsible for every action and every output from that pet. It is not fair to blame the pet, we have to blame the owner as that is what being responsible means.

When your pet poops in front of someone else’s cabin, while they are on vacation and you are not immediately picking it up.  You are disrespecting them and us.  Looking the other way while your pet is on a leash, and not seeing it, is disrespectful and insulting.

Dogs need to be kenneled/crated when in cabins, leashed and with their owner, at all times when at the resort.

Our resort dogs have a purpose and that is to alert us to things being out of place and they are going to be loose.  Our resort dogs enjoy many of our guests and guest dogs and they should not be a bother to you. If our dogs are acting inappropriately, you can ask us to keep them away.

We have a vast wilderness to exercise your dogs and many islands to let them play and swim. We want you to enjoy your time with your pets. Please consider the mess and how your pet impacts other guests.

A Pet Policy is available here –

Pet Policy.pdf


Kevin Nelson
Boreal Bay Lodge
(888) 257-9518

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