Boreal Bay – Fishing Report – June 17

Saturday, June 16th was the Opening Day for Muskie season in our area and the weather was cooperative for fairly long couple days of Muskie fishing.  Everyone has at least seen a Muskie they wanted. Almost everyone has had hooks in a good Muskie. Some are finding the Muskies shallow, some reports of seeing them paired up and spawning while others are finding the Muskies off the edges of spawning areas.

Only one boat fishing Lake of the Woods – after Smallies and Northern Pike. Connie caught a 40″ Muskie for the opener and her biggest Muskie to date!

A Crow Lake rookie Becky, caught a 46″ Muskie within the first 20 minutes of fishing on Saturday!

Biggest Muskie is my Dad, while bass fishing Saturday evening caught his personal best a 47″ Muskie!

Longtime Crow Lake veteran muskie anglers Pete had two for Opener and Randy had two today.

“The brothers” Chris and Dave have caught Muskies (nothing huge not sure of details).

The rest a still working at it! 


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Boreal Bay – Fishing Report – 6/10

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Boreal Bay – Fishing Report – 5/27

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Boreal Bay – Fishing Report – 5/20

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Boreal Bay Lodge – Ice Report 4/30

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