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Fishing Reports

Boreal Bay – Fishing Report – 7/22

Crow Lake and Lake of the Woods are above 70-degree water temperatures almost everywhere, which is warm enough for swimming and summer patterns of fishing.

For the past couple of weeks the Walleye have been a little on the slow side for most groups in Stevens Bay, Miles Bay, Nestor Falls, Whitefish Bay and even on Cedartree Lake. Everyone catching enough to eat, and a few good days of catching smaller Walleyes.

Lake Trout have been biting pretty good the past week for most groups. A few reports of some 10 pound and above Lake Trout from the past week and heard someone in our neighborhood caught a 26 lbs Lake Trout in past week.

Muskie action has been fairly solid, but most are saying the fishing is a little different this year in that they are having to spend more time on different spots then they normally would.  Bulldawgs, Medusa’s and Bucktails are most popular. Huge and heavy 48″ Muskie was by far the biggest Muskie caught this year.  We have a bunch more Muskie pictures to get posted on Facebook.

Not very many groups after Bass or Northern Pike in past week.  A few trying for them occasionally and catching some.

Blueberry picking is still going strong.

Wishing for great success to all of our anglers!

Kevin Nelson
Boreal Bay Lodge
(888) 257-9518

Boreal Bay – Fishing Report – 6/10

Fishing started slowly last week, as is often the case when a high-pressure system moves in after a low pressure clears out.  By middle week almost everything was getting back to predictable bite patterns for our guests. Lake Trout being caught as shallow as 24′  and as deep as 120′.  They were about as scattered… Continue Reading

Boreal Bay – Fishing Report – 5/27

The weather has been unseasonably warm, frequently experiencing daytime highs above 80F, with little to no wind.  Crow Lake water temps have shot up to 60F at times, but the water is colder down just a few feet below the surface. Trees are dumping pollen and cotton on the water, making it ugly along the shore.  A… Continue Reading

Boreal Bay – Fishing Report – 5/20

Weather for the past week was mostly 70-degree days and cool nights, except cold rainy days last Thursday and Friday.  Lake of the Woods, Stevens Bay is seeing near 60-degree water temperatures in the afternoons.  Crow Lake is getting close to 50-degree water temperatures. Lake Trout bite was solid during the middle of the week and… Continue Reading

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