Bye to 2017, Hello 2018

Happy New Years!  We are hoping we will see many of you this coming summer. Thank-you to all who came and spent time with us in 2017.  Also thank-you to those who were unable to come, but still wished us well. We appreciate the support and the value of your friendship. We wish all of you great health, wealth, success and happiness for 2018.

2017 was an interesting year.  It started with a crazy windstorm in June, about a week before the Muskie opener. The June storm was followed by a couple smaller storms that changed our landscape.  In total, the storms took down about 30 trees, destroyed a camper, a boat, electrical pole and damaged a couple vehicles, docks and shingles on 3 buildings. We are hopeful that by June 2018, we should be fully recovered and getting back on track with other projects.

We did manage to complete and move forward a few projects in 2017.  We added 10 more wooden bed frames to the cabins, only a couple box springs remain.  Cabin North we painted the bedrooms and added a bench for dinning room seating.  Cabin 12 has new ceiling and lighting, that we will need to finish up in spring 2018.

2017 was full of fish stories and fun, many can be found on Facebook and our website.  The May/June Crappies and Walleyes, July Northern Pike and Bass, August Muskies and September Lake Trout, kept many people entertained and smiling.

Around our family….

Amy is now in her Junior year at Winona. She is doing well and definitely doing things her own way.

Jenny finished up her degree in spring 2017, enjoyed much of the summer at Boreal Bay Lodge and has been moving around with new jobs and promotions in the hotel industry. 

Jean is busy with cabin plans and focusing on the Boreal Bay Lodge business.

Kevin gave up working for Corporate America as a spare time job and is working to launch a start-up. Over the next few months details on the start-up will be shared.

Our 2018 reservations are filling in quickly and some June, July and August weeks are nearly full.  Please firm-up your plans where you can.  We are looking forward to seeing you in 2018 for more adventure and fun times.


Boreal Bay 2017

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