Boreal Bay – Fishing Report – June 27

Crow (Kakagi) Lake is now getting warm enough for swimming and water play.  The May Fly hatch will be coming strong in the next week or two and after that, we should be all set on summer fishing patterns. 

The Muskie Opener started out solid but slowed down for most by end of the week. Biggest this year was a 48″ Muskie.  Some pictures have been posted to our Facebook page and still hoping on a few more Muskie pictures. Kids catching a 29 pound Muskie while fishing Lake Trout from shore and a 65+-year-old catching a 48″ from our docks were some of the highlights for the week.

While the Muskies slowed, the Lake Trout bite improved most. We are still finding active feeding fish sneaking up into 50′ shelves, seeing more clouds of baitfish deeper in the water column and Lake Trout scattered.  If you are not seeing a curious Lake Trout every 5 minutes, something is wrong – try changing location or fishing different time of day and maybe lures or presentation.  The past 5 days they have been very active 7PM – 9:30PM and most of our pensioners in the campgrounds are catching Lake Trout morning and early in the afternoon.

Bass, Walleye, and Northern Pike have been hit and miss everywhere on all the area lakes.  Some are catching them great and others really struggling. Some very nice fish being caught. Best Bass I heard about was 5 lbs. Best Walleyes were 26″-27″. Best Northern Pike was 36″.  


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Boreal Bay Lodge
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