Boreal Bay – Fishing Report – 7/8

Lake is warm and swimming is awesome!

Blueberries are BLUE, they may be a little bit sparse in places as we had some very dry and hot weather in June, which may have stressed the plants with a large amount of sun exposure. 

Fishing. If what you are wanting something that is not biting, wait a couple days and they will be biting well.  Everyone in camp has struggled a bit and think all have followed up with some really good days. Still working to get pictures, stories and some video up on our Facebook page.

Biggest Walleye so far this year was caught on Crow Lake 11 pounds.  Not Fake News, it was real. Biggest Crow Lake Walleye that we have heard about. Cedartree also going well, the only problem is catching the smaller ones.

Muskies are biting crazy and some even better stories to get posted on Facebook later this week.

Lake Trout..  yes they are biting, plenty of good fish, but nothing amazing yet.

Bass – Crow Lake starting to get going. Jessie has had a few 100+ fish days for bass.

Northern Pike has been a struggle, but one report from a neighbor was a young guy caught 30 over 10 pounds in a couple weeks on Crow Lake. Another report was 12 were caught on a weed bed on Crow Lake.

Only a couple boats have ventured to Lake of the Woods, fish caught but nothing remarkable.  Expecting we will have a few more boats over that direction soon.


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Boreal Bay Lodge
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