Boreal Bay – Fishing Report – 7/1

Warm and nearing HOT is the weather we are having.  A few days in the upper 80F’s, but most nights are dropping into the 50F’s and 60F’s. Reports from some bays on the lake are water at 78F – which is almost warm for swimming.  Everyone is a little different, but as a general rule 65F is still cold and your body will be chilled, 68F takes about 30 seconds to get comfortable, 72F is great and still refreshing, 74F starts to feel like bath water and it loses the refreshing feeling when you get out.

Muskie fishing – Bite has been pretty slow, still seeing some paired in the shallow bays. Seeing plenty and July 1st was the best reported Muskie activity, so I think it will be improving as more big fish start looking for a post-spawn feed.

We did have our first hook in hand of the season.  We suggest Baudette MN for US guests and Kenora or Fort Frances (and Emo if open) for CDN guests as the best places to seek medical attention for Urgent Care needs.

Bass – 140 caught in a day on Jessie Lake, is the best action reported. Trolling starting to work better on Kakagi bass along with some island casting.  The best bass action is usually windblown structure transition spots –  changing bottom from smaller rocks to sand or bigger rock and any wood.

Lake Trout – bite has been good, always some struggling. Many reports of catching 5-6 a day, without spending too many hours on the water trying.  Best advice is to find the feeding times and fish those same times the hardest until a weather system changes the bite time.

Walleye – Very good on Cedartree Lake with many over 20″ being caught.

Northern Pike – Good numbers of Northern Pike reported from LOTW Stevens Bay and Whitefish Bay areas. Some Northern Pike being caught everywhere.  Best story was 3 Northern Pike totally 39 pounds in short time on Kakagi, right behind a storm.


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