Boreal Bay – Fishing Report – 5/20

Weather for the past week was mostly 70-degree days and cool nights, except cold rainy days last Thursday and Friday.  Lake of the Woods, Stevens Bay is seeing near 60-degree water temperatures in the afternoons.  Crow Lake is getting close to 50-degree water temperatures.

Lake Trout bite was solid during the middle of the week and slowed a bit on the weather change. 70 feet depth seems to be ideal for most groups having success.  Jigging and wire-line trolling techniques were both successful.  Bank fishing was slow but that should improve when the Lake Trout start running a bit shallower again.

Northern Pike in Stevens Bay and Stoney Portage were on a mediocre bite, nobody getting skunked, but certainly not jumping in the boat for anyone yet either.

Walleye and Crappie have both been slow and everyone thinking they should get going really well very soon.


Kevin Nelson
Boreal Bay Lodge
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