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All businesses need to address and communicate how we are approaching Covid-19 at our specific business. We have been challenged to consider safety around what we offer for services and trim non-essential.  We have carefully reviewed the recommendations from Canada and looked at practices that are proving successful in the US.

We refuse to be afraid of Covid-19, but we respect the danger that it brings.  We know that if Jean and or I were to get Covid-19 we would most likely have to close the business for 4-6 weeks, so we absolutely take it seriously.

We are confident that our Covid-19 policies will allow us to safely operate and as more is learned about the virus we will make adjustments. We hope most of these changes will be short-lived.

Our policies document is intended to help our guests prepare for their trip and navigate the changes. 


  • Bring your own towels, pillows, and blankets.  This is a big change for us, but it made sense in that everyone has these things and most of our guests are traveling by vehicle.  It is safer for you and us in that those are close personal contact items.  We are hearing this is a common practice at MN Resorts.  ***  if you are flying, this would likely create a hardship, so let us know in advance and we can provide what is needed.
  • Bibles, books, magazines, and playing cards are all being removed from the cabins.
  • Daily Garbage pick-up service is being changed.  We will still provide the bags. Any garbage that you want to be brought to the dumpster, should be bagged and set outside before 9:30AM and NOT before 7:00AM. — DO NOT LEAVE GARBAGE OUTSIDE OVERNIGHT AS BEARS AND OTHER CREATURES ARE EXPECTED TO BE ACTIVE THIS YEAR.  It is always acceptable for guests to drop off the garbage in the dumpster.
  • New Delivery Services.  We are working through details on these and expecting it will be a week to week item.  Please recognize that we are limited to what is available locally and until the US border is opened, local businesses are often operating on reduced inventories.
  • New Paper Towels will be added to all the bathrooms.  It is recommended that disposable hand /face towels be used.  — DO NOT FLUSH PAPER TOWELS.
  • The Lodge building will be closed to guests. We plan on talking with you outside while respectful distancing.  Kevin will have cell # on the door for call or text on any needed items or questions.
  • The Showerhouse will be locked, key available at Lodge.
  • The Fish House will be available for use, but we recommend that fish are cleaned on the remote islands.  If using the Fish House a mouth and nose covering mask is required.
  • If anyone in your group is ill, they cannot come. If coming from the US, sick people are expected to be denied at the border.

Expect that your travel items need to include – hand sanitizer, mouth and nose covering mask, and gloves.

Expect that you may not be allowed to shop locally. 

We can do this and we can do it safely!

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